The trophy engraved for the Emsley Carr Mile.

This race has been run as an annual event since 1951.

This year to celebrate winning it 30 years ago, Lord Coe asked to present it to the winner of the 2013 race.


A Dartington open toped claret jug engraved for presentation.













An Orrefors lead crystal plate, with a picture of a french chateau engraved on it.




A Dartington Fortuna bowl, with names engrave all the way around for a wedding presant. 





Bristol Blue S/W cranberry paerweight, engraved then gold leaf rubbed into the engraving.


Cumbria Crystal Manor Vase, engraved with flag iris.





A portrait of Melissa.
















Bristol Blue S/W goblet with a design engraved all around the bowl, then silver leaf applied to the engraving.


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